My New Family

Wassup guys?

Let me tell you about where I live and my new family. I mentioned before about the two brutes that greeted me on my first day here, I’d better introduce them. They are two collie crosses, Jessie and Alfie.

Alfie is about 3 years old and has got to be the fastest dog in the whole world! Don’t get me wrong, I might be small but I’m quick, very quick in fact, but Alf….he is something else. I can only just keep up with him across the fields if I’m travelling full pelt. Jess reckons he’s crossed with a whippet but Alf doesn’t know, he can’t remember his parents, he was brought home by Mom from a rescue centre in Derby. I think he had it rough when he was a pup, but he doesn’t like to talk about it.

Jess is older and bigger, Alf told me she’s crossed with a bulldozer, but he didn’t say it in front of Jess; I don’t think she’d find it funny. She can be a bit grumpy when she wants to be….typical bitch. She’s ok though I suppose, you just try not to get on the wrong side of her.

I love Alf though, he’s like a big brother, I follow him everywhere. I know sometimes I get on his nerves, probably because I spend so much time attached to his face, chewing and pulling his ears, his jowls whatever I can sink my teeth into. He lets me know when he’s had enough because he growls and goes and sits on the big wide windowsill in front of the bay window, he knows I can’t get up there – yet!

I’ll carry this on when I’ve got more time, but I’ve got to go for a run around the garden; and when you gotta go, you gotta GO!

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