Almost made it

The list I did of my dog heroes seemed to be very popular and seems to have created debate. Everyone has their own ideas on subjects like these and I’m sure everyone has their own top ten, but remember: this is my blog and I choose who gets in my top 10, so back off skins – I’m a dangerous dog!

Seriously though, if you want to try your paw at putting together a top 10 list on this subject or any other, please email me at I’ll include it in my blog and give you credit for it. KEEP IT CLEAN! (you know who you are). Young skins read this so don’t expect me to include a list of famous peoples’ legs you’d like to get a grip of.

I wanted to mention some of the dogs that didn’t make it on the list that some of you might have expected to have appeared, but are just bubbling under.

Lassie: famous but a bitch. Everyone loved Lassie years before yours truly was even born but I can’t have a female hero, that’s just daft. Did you know Lassie was played by loads of different bitches and at least one dog? Apparently skins think all rough collies look the same when wet after just saving little Jimmy from the river etc. I find that offensive to be honest: “you all look the same to me.”









Hong Kong Phooey: Funny cartoon but the cat was the brainy one, whereas everybodies favourite mild-mannered janitor made all dogs look thick. Well listen to me, cats don’t even know how to bring a stick back!







Deputy Dawg: Another thick dog, this is pure and simple dogism.






Henry: the bloodhound from the minced morsels advert. Better looking than Clement Freud.



Spot: Cuter than me? I don’t think so.







Scooby Doo: Cowardly great dane. Would sell his sainted mother for a scooby snack.






Scrappy Doo: Braver than uncle Scooby but a bit mouthy, I’d batter him easy.









Droopy: Oh no, I forgot Droopy, “you know what? I’m the hero.” Tell you what my friends, the top 10 just became the top 11.








Don’t forget to email me your top 10 on just about anything you want to list a top 10 of…..

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