Roll on the new season

I was only born in February so I was a little young to watch and enjoy many premier league games last season, and match of the day was on after my bedtime. What I saw on sky did get me interested, mostly in the noise and movement and all that lovely turf to dig up! I’ve watched a couple of pre-season friendlies and the community shield game which I really enjoyed, so now I’m panting in antic…..anticip……I can’t wait for the new season to start next week.

Dad says he might get me a little footyshirt if he can find one designed for a piglet! He tries to be funny but he’s got a way to go yet. He won’t be laughing when I widdle on his chair.

Barking about the new season, why has the FA organised an international friendly against the Dutch just 4 days before the big kick-off? Only quoting dad, I’m not even sure what a dutch is. There’s little wonder that players like Darren Bent are all of a sudden finding little niggles that will keep them from playing, doubtless encouraged by their clubs who won’t want their most important players risking injury before the season even gets going and they’ll want them fresh and rested.

You can’t blame the clubs because there is so much money at stake; but if I had the chance to represent my country, I would do anything to pull that shirt on as a proud Englishdog, thats if they’ve designed one for a piglet.

2 responses to “Roll on the new season

    • I love playing all sorts of ball games but unfortunately the football is bigger than me at the moment. One day though I’ll get my teeth into it.What’s your favourite team?
      Playing out in the rain is great, I love going across the fields at the bottom of our street and getting as muddy as possible. Mind you the downside is they make me have a bath afterwards, doh!

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