The Doghouse

Pup fans,

I don’t know how to tell you this, I’ve disgraced myself; at least that’s what my dad says. I don’t really know what he’s getting stroppy about, I just did what puppies do, I ripped the stuffing out of Jessie’s bed. Best thing was, she was lying on it! You should have seen her face when she woke up and saw your favourite pup ripping it up. It caused one hell of a fight though.

Jess is a big girl and she might be a lazy lump most of the time but when she starts she goes at it with relish. I’m only a little fella myself but I never back down and I never give up. Alf says I’ve got small dog syndrome. So me and Jess were scrapping all around the kitchen, then the hallway, then the living room; Alf was on the sofa watching, “I’m keeping out of this one” he said, fair enough but you’re missing all the fun. It was causing quite a racket until dad came down the stairs and grabbed us by our collars. He took Jess into the kitchen and told her to calm down. It was then he noticed the bits of fluff from inside Jessie’s bed, well you could hardly not notice it seeing as it was all over the floor. “BONES…….GET HERE – NOW!!!!” Alf was laughing behind his paw, “oh dear me short stuff, you’re in the doghouse.”

Now that confused me, I’ve spent the morning on my own in my playpen, trying to look as sweet and innocent as possible, thinking about what a doghouse is. I’m a dog right? And I live in this house….so is this a doghouse? But then why would Alf say I was in the doghouse when we are all in a doghouse? Or is it a different house, built specifically for dogs that I’m going to later? I’d better ask.

As Jess isn’t talking to me at the moment I asked Alf what he meant when he walked past my playpen; he says it just means I’m in trouble. Oh that’s ok, I’m used to that : ) I asked him if the cats went to a cat house when they were naughty. Alf laughed and said no, that was something completely different. He tried to explain what a cat house was but it just made me more confused and a little queasy.

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