Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Just before I started this blog Dad took me on a short holiday, my first holiday and I wanted to tell you a bit about it.

We live in the middle of England, far away from the sea, Alf told me the sea was like a big pond so when dad told me he was going to take me on a trip to the beach to have a little paddle I was over the moon. There’s a large pond down the fields which all the dogs in the area splash about in, so I was excited about going to visit a new pond.

Dad packed the boot of the car with some stuff for our trip including my indoor kennel, it looked like we’d not be coming home for that night at least. I have a harness I have to wear in the car which attaches to the seat belt, better safe than sorry. Dad says that windscreens cost money so he doesn’t want me flying through this one. He put a blanket on the seat and we were ready to go. Mom couldn’t go because of work so she and Alf waved us off, Jess reckoned she couldn’t care less if I went or stayed but I’m sure I saw her head above the windowsill as we left.

We were heading for Devon in the southwest, which is about 3-4 hours drive but it took so much longer because dad kept insisting we stop at service stations so I could have a drink of water and a quick widdle. It was a hot day and he had his aircon on which meant the car was nice and cool. I didn’t want to keep stopping, I was excited and wanted to get there but dad insisted and as he was the driver it wasn’t up to me.

We eventually pulled up to the place we’d be staying, I’ll give you the details if you’re interested because it was a nice place to visit: Blackwell Park in Loddiswell near Kingsbridge. The house is owned by Bernard and Anne Kelly and they’re really nice skins; if you ring them on 01548 821230, I know they’d be happy to hear from you. This was doggy heaven, our room opened up onto a huge garden and you can go through a gate into a field, at the bottom of that field is another field and at the bottom of that field is a large wooded area. About 7 acres of fields to run around and 54 acres of woods, I loved it!

They love dogs there and have one of their own who was a little bit shy, I can get a bit boisterous (I learnt that word today) sometimes and other dogs can be wary of me. I got loads of fuss while I was there though.

The next day me and dad got in the car and headed off down some winding lanes. After a while we stopped and Dad came around to let me out. As he  put me on the ground and I stretched my back legs one at a time, he said “there you go lil’ man, we’re at the seaside. I turned around and……WHAT THE……!!!! I was not expecting a pond that big! I couldn’t see the other side, it was just this huge, blue, massive….blue….load of water. I looked up at dad but didn’t know what to say. We walked down to what I now know to be sand. I can’t describe how excited I was. There were several skins around but it wasn’t crowded, there were little skins too, playing in the sand and by the water. And there were quite a few dogs who I didn’t know so I didn’t know where to head first, water or new dogs? Ah the agony of choice.

Dad had put me on my extendable lead, he didn’t trust me to come back with so many distractions; I would have come back after 5 or 6 hours, what’s his problem? All the dogs I met on the beach were really cool and friendly, they were all locals so they barked a bit funny but I could make out what they were telling me. Another border terrier told me that there was good sniffing to be had down by the rocks at one end of the beach, but to be careful of any crabs in the rockpools. I asked what a crab was and he laughed and said I’d know when one was hanging off my nose.

Sniffing for crabs

I ran down the beach and into the big pond, I mean the sea. It tasted dreadful, yeuck! Then it started coming towards me….hang on – ponds don’t move. This one did, I started back towards dad when he called “watch the wave Bones” and laughed when the wave caught me and drenched me. Then it started going the other way, it was pulling me like it wanted to take me with it. This is fun!

Dad sat on the sand while I went paddling and then went looking for fuss off various skins who were walking about. I stopped to chat with a staffie that wandered past then went to see if there were any of those crab things who might want a fight. I never saw anything that looked like it was a likely suspect so I still don’t know what a crab is.


After a grand morning of exploring and paddling, I started getting tired so me and dad headed back to the car. I was glad of a long drink of water because the pond water tasted bad, and the seaweed I tried didn’t help. Dad strapped me into the car and we headed back to the Kelly’s place. It had been a long day and we sat in the sunshine in the garden and I fell asleep while dad read his book. Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you the rest of this story; but for now….yawn

It's hard work being a superhero!

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