Bones on holiday (part 2)

Where was I? Oh yeah – asleep. I’ll pass on the enormous amount of food Mrs Kelly was shovelling down my dads neck, the greedy, furless lump that he is. I just wanted to mention our rooms. There was a bedroom for dad that opened out on the lovely gardens and a room just for me, with my own bed that Mrs Kelly had put a dog blanket on for me. I was well impressed with that, even though I sleep in an indoor kennel which, as I mentioned yesterday, dad brought with us. Then of course was the bathroom.

There was a window on the wall of my room which I kept seeing another border terrier through; I barked at him to come and play and he barked the same thing at exactly the same time, although I couldn’t hear him through the glass. I went up to him and he came up to me at the same time, and both our noses touched the window, I put my paw up and so did he, he was desperate to come and play. As the other side of the window must be in the bathroom I went in to play with my new friend, but he was nowhere to be seen – strange…. I went back into the bedroom and looked through the window to the bathroom and there he was again, looking at me. I barked at him and saw him barking at the same time. “Stay there, I’m coming round to you”, it looked like he was saying the same thing to me. “No, you stay there, I’ll come and fetch you”, again it looked like he was saying exactly the same as me at the same time. Is he thick or what? I jumped down and ran into the bathroom to find the other dog had disappeared again. I was perplexed, there’s no way he got past me and there isn’t another exit from the bathroom. Curiouser and curiouser.

I was getting a bit vexed by now so I decided I didn’t want to have anything more to do with this fool, if all he was going to do was play tricks. I went back into my room and hopped on the bed and there he was in the window again. I went mad at him, “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Do you know who you’re messing with? I’m Bones, the baddest border on the planet and you are looking for a ragging!” Cheeky bugger through the window is jumping about like he’s the one who should be angry. I couldn’t get my breath, “Dad – I’m gonna kill ‘im!!!”

I looked around and my dad was sat there with tears running down his bald cheeks – what’s so funny? “Bones you dumb pup, that’s a mirror” he gasped. I looked back and the other border terrier had stopped jumping around and was staring at me with his mouth open….

After dad had filled his face with enough breakfast to feed an army, one of Mrs Kelly’s friends came to visit with two border terriers and a cocker spaniel, I love spaniels, they’ve got THE most chewable ears. I ran around the dining room with them and had huge amounts of fuss from the skin. She said I was a very handsome chap (she’s right there) and would make a good stud for her bitch but I’m not sure what she meant by that.

Dad said we should go for a drive round and check out the countryside, he said there was something called an iron age hill fort not far away, so we went for a look. I was expecting high walls and sentries but it seems they’re long gone. There’s just a few rings of earthworks and ditches at the top of a hill, but dad seemed very happy with that and the view was spect…..spectac…amazing. You could see for miles around, all the way to the huge pond.

When we got to the top of the hill there was a little carpark where we pulled in. We went through a gate and starting following a grassy path. I realised that we were not alone – the clouds seemed to have sprouted legs and were moving! I stood to attention and lifted my paw as a warning to my dad. He said it was ok, they’re just sheep. I’d never seen a sheep before so I was ready for anything. They all headed away from us as we approached except one who stood and pawed the ground. “Mate, I seriously wouldn’t recommend it” I said to him, ready for a scrap if he wanted to give it a go. Dad said shoo and away he (or she, difficult to tell with sheep…or clouds for that matter) went. Lucky for the sheep I reckon.

I stayed on the extendable lead again but it gives me enough slack to get in some serious sniffing. I was very thorough about marking the whole place up so now it belongs to me, but you’re all welcome to visit.

So much to sniff, so little time...

The next day, after a final hour of running around the field, we set off for home, I was sorry to say goodbye to the Kelly’s and Lottie their dog but I was really looking forward to seeing mom, Jess and Alf and telling them all about my adventures. I planned to miss out the bit about the mirror though, Alf would have loved that!

It wasn’t long into the journey that I started feeling sleepy, so I thought I’d get my head down for a few minutes. I opened my eyes just as the car was pulling up. Another service station I suppose. I hate them because there is so much noise and the cars and trucks stink really bad. As dad opened the door to get me out I realised that I must have slept longer than I thought because mom was standing there with Alf and Jess looking through the window, he’d driven all the way home while I was asleep!

Although I was still a little tired, all three of us went for a run around the back garden and we had a good laugh wrestling before I told them about the seaside and the hills and clouds with legs and……everything!

I enjoyed our little holiday and can’t wait to go again, but there’s nothing like coming home.

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