Not fair

My dad is mad at me. Yesterday was sunday so I don’t blog anyway, but even if I wanted to I wouldn’t have been allowed. By the door there’s a hairy mat for the skins to wipe their big feet on. I thought it was a boring shape so I decided to get artistic and chew it into a more original and pleasing form. I never got to finish. Dad came howling down the stairs like a banshee, uttering words that I haven’t learned yet (but I don’t think they’re very nice), he scooped me up and started pointing at the mat saying “look what you’ve done!” I knew what I’d done, and if he’d given me enough time I would have finished my masterpiece; as it is, it just looks a mess. Unless I miss my guess, he’ll go out and buy another one so I can have another crack at that one with any luck. If he stays out of the way, the big philistine.

Calm down dear, it's only a mat.

So I had to go without any treats for the whole day yesterday, damn you skin I shall have my revenge!

Something that winds skins up, and alot of dogs do it; when they point at something, we don’t look at what they’re pointing at, we look at their hand. It’s so funny! Skins are going “There it is boy, go and get it!” We’re looking at them then the finger that’s pointing, they’re getting more exas….exasper… know what I mean, “go on boy, it’s over there, fetch!” Don’t look, whatever you do, don’t look – just keep looking at the finger. By all means make a jerky movement as if you’re going to run in the direction they’re pointing but keep looking at the finger. In the end the stupid skin will get up and fetch it themselves, grumbling “I’m sure that dog’s a bit thick.” NO SKIN, YOU ARE!!!!!

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