Bones the financial advisor

I can’t get my head around the world of finance. On the news they talk about stocks and shares, the cost of borrowing, interest rates, inflation and a debt crisis. I’m trying very hard to follow this and, I think, doing a pretty admirable job for a puppy. Then something always comes along that stumps me:

All these billions of dollars, pounds, yen, euros etc that change hands on the world’s stock exchanges don’t really exist. It’s just pieces of paper or numbers on a computer, it’s not real money. So how come everyone is so enslaved by this rubbish?

Countries are so weighed down by imaginary debt that their imaginary economies collapse, yet real skins suffer. The collapse causes a ripple effect which causes other imaginary economies to suffer because they lent imaginary money to the first country’s banks. This spreads wider and before you know it the world is facing a crisis both real and imaginary and everyone suffers.

You’re told the banks are so important that you need to put your hand in your pocket to pay for their mistakes, when their greed made them implode. You gladly gave them the money to prop them up. Now get prepared for them to dance the same steps again.

Now this might be a bit of a mad idea, and forgive me for this because I’m only a dog and it’s not really any of my business, but wouldn’t it be better just to set the gauge back to zero? Just wipe everyone’s slate clean. Skins, it’s not real! The bankers are ruining the world for you and you are taking it without asking why? Would the world suddenly stop if we said stop this imaginary paper trading and went back to proper trading? You know like they used to do since you monkeys first swung out of the trees and said to another monkey, “I’ll swap this pointy stick for one of your bananas.”

Rich skins are gambling with imaginary currency and bringing down entire nations, who suffers? You! You are enslaved by evil skins who push you around their chess boards and with a single tap on a keyboard can ruin your life forever. They give you a few luxuries such as a car, a stereo, a Blu-Ray player and a holiday in the costa del sol for a week or two and tell you to be grateful.

They show you pictures of poor skins starving in a distant land and tell you to be glad you’re better off than them, spare a few coins and go to bed happy that you have made a difference. What they don’t tell you is why these skins are suffering. They don’t tell you that the IMF and World Bank have made them borrow so much that their entire GDP can only pay for the interest each year, modern slavery. They don’t tell you that western governments support despots who pillage their own countries and commit horrific acts on their own citizens, and you pay for the arms that maintain this evil. Western governments do this to stop good skins from standing up and saying No! Good skins who would nationalize their country’s resources and use the money to feed and educate their skins, to build infrastructure and provide even the most basic human rights.

It’s your turn to say “NO!!!” Use the internet to educate yourself, find out what crimes are being committed by the elite. Start asking questions, start voting for change, start taking control of your own destiny, start demanding the freedom that is your right and should be held sacred. Start writing letters, start spreading the word, you can make a difference.

You are not alone.

But then I’m just a dog, what do I know?



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