Bones’ secret stash

Mom found my secret stash of toys at the bottom of the garden. I’ve been moving them up there one-by-one so that Jessie and Alfie, the faithful border binbags can’t keep stealing them and chewing them up. Fair enough, some of the toys were theirs in the first place but I like to cover all the bases.; the way I see it if you don’t respect your toys, you not entitled to keep them.

The problem is, as I’ve been moving them out I’ve been forgetting to go and play with them myself, so they were just sitting idle. I always say an un-used toy is a useless toy.

I’d nearly cleared them all out when last night mom came in with an armful of toys and laid them on the floor, it was like having a whole new toybox opened. I was surrounded by squeaky things, rubber rings and balls of different sizes, I ran from one to another, picking them up then putting them down again to grab something else. I spent about an hour taking them each to dad to show him; he’d wrestle it off me with loads of growling and head shaking (me not him) then throw it across the room, I’d chase it but then see something else I wanted to show him. It was a great game, the other two were taking toys but they’ll lose them soon when I start transporting them back up the garden.

I was hoping for more top tens to put in. Time to put your thinking collars on: send me your top ten on anything you want, I did my top ten dog idols, you can do the same, or anything else that tickles your fancy – footballers, singers, songs, food, drink, racing drivers, treats – anything!!! Send it to my email address and I’ll paste it into a post and debate it hotly.

Luv ya!

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