Choosing the right puppy

Hi, remember the promise I made to share some of my wisdom on bringing up a perfect pup (like me)? Well that’s been sadly lacking in recent posts so I’m going to add another bit to it now.

We looked at making sure that you have the time, space and resources that you need to bring a dog into your household and your life. Now we need to think about the breed that will fill that space.

Considering the breed is an important part of the process as we are all different and present different charac….characteris…..we’re just different – ok? You have to consider the amount of exercise and grooming your dog will need. Also consider what size the dog is going to be when it has matured, if you only have a small living space then a Newfoundland or St. Bernard may not be right for you.

The best thing to do is go to the Kennel Club website where they have tons of information on buying the right puppy to suit your lifestyle: size, exercise and grooming requirements and breed information such as possible medical problems and temprement.

Choose carefully, your new best friend is going to be with you a while and you can’t trade them in for a different one if, when they grow up, they’re not what you were expecting.

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