My new pal

Friends, I want to keep this short because dad is feeling a bit RUFF (get it?) and I’ve been a good dog looking after him. Lazy git been in bed for 2 days, but I’ve been trying to make up for a bit of chewing on various household items and furniture…ooops!

I’ve got a new friend. One of the dogs who runs over the fields at the end of the road is a German Shepherd bitch called Riya, she’s a little bit nervous and shouts at skins and other dogs. Alfie gets on with her, but Alf gets on with almost all the dogs, its just skins he doesn’t like. We have quite a little gang growing down there and I’m the newest member.

Riya is 18 months old I think and although I don’t reckon she’s fully grown yet, she’s already a big lass, especially to a little fella like me, so she can be a bit intimidating to others. The other day mom, Alfie and me were across the field when we saw Riya with her mom. She came barrelling across towards us, charging straight at me. I felt Alf tense up ready to protect me, big brother stuff – you know. I thought “no way mate, this one’s mine”; I steamed towards her, planning to run underneath her and trip her back leg before turning her over and taking out her throat, or something like that. I don’t care how big she is, she’s going to know she’s been in a fight when Bones starts – puppy power!

Just as we were about to crash into each other like a truck and a mini, and I was beginning to regret the plan to stage a head-on attack, she veered off. The wind as she passed nearly took me off my paws. I’ve got a fairly small turning circle so I was on her tail before she realised and closing for a cheetah style ankle-clip takedown. It was then I could hear her laughing as she ran and I realised all she wanted was someone to play with. Well, play we did, for about an hour we ran around the field chasing each other. She’s great. I saw her again yesterday and we flew around the field together like best mates.

The only problem is Alfie keeps making fun of me saying I’ve got a girlfriend. She’s not my girlfriend! OK????

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