I’m just being friendly

Today is a bank holiday so mom isn’t at work, dad’s complaining (as usual) because he works from home and says he never gets a day off. Even if mom is working, she always takes us out for an early morning run down the fields before she goes. I love the morning walks, the air is fresh and crisp and the grass is still damp from the morning dew. The only skins around have dogs with them too. A lot of the skins come out around the same time so the gang can all run together.

As I mentioned before, there’s a big pond in one of the fields and we race to see who can get to it first and go splashing. Alf usually wins as he’s crossed with a racing snake. There’s also a big horse trough which we drink from after a hard run, I can just about reach the water now.

Today was a good day because I made two more friends. Charlie was there with his dad and they’d brought along two young king charles spaniels who belong to Charlie’s dad’s daughter. She lives a long way away so I’d never met these two before.

I mentioned before how I love spaniel ears (it’s strange but Alf burst out laughing when I said I love chewing spaniel ears, but he won’t tell me why….wierdo!), and I’m always hanging on to Ellie’s, so when I saw these two king charles I charged like a mad moose at them. You should have seen their faces – they were terrified! I didn’t want to scare them I just wanted to get my teeth into those floppy spaniel ears (shut up Alf!) but they weren’t having any of it.

Eventually, after we all calmed down and we’d taken care of the butt sniffing and other formalities we got on a little better. I hope they come and visit again soon, I’ll try to be a bit less wild next time.

I’d better go because dad needs the computer and Alf is cruising for a bruising!


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