Funny Jess

Jessie, my big, and I do mean big, sister makes me laugh. Not just because she’s a collie crossed with a whale, not because every time I walk past her she grabs my back leg (?), not even because when she runs she looks like she’s just escaped from a doggie lunatic asylum, with her stupid grinning face and tongue hanging out the side of her mouth; none of the above, yet ALL of the above haha. No, she makes me laugh because sometimes she point blank refuses to get out of bed for our morning walk. Unbelievable! Walks are the best things about being alive; along with food, treats, fuss, killing cushions, fighting, a good scratch and biting dad….in no particular order.

How could any dog refuse a walk? It’s not every morning but if there’s even a slight hint of rain in the air, that’s it; she either lies there like a bearskin rug, refusing to budge, or sits looking all haughty and turns away when mom tries to put a lead on her. Meanwhile me & Alf are bouncing off the walls going mental. I don’t care if the heavens open and we get soaked, I’m out there. Alf told me about something called snow which is really cold and freezes your paws and nose, but it’s really loads of fun to roll about in; I can’t wait!

If Jess misses the morning walk then she usually turns out for the afternoon walk when mom comes home (that’s right guys, TWO walks a day!) but still, giving up a walk is like giving up stealing dad’s slippers – not something I would ever consider.

4 responses to “Funny Jess

  1. Ah, Jessie sounds like a typical collie!!! They love comfort and soft things to sleep on. I know what you mean about collies looking crazy when they run! We have a pack of them and when they all run at the same time it can be funny. There are several collies here who would never miss their walk no matter how comfortable they are….. enjoy your walks for they sure are fun!!! 🙂

    • She’s a lump. Once she gets out of bed and starts walking she loves it as much as the rest of us, its just getting her to move in the first place. Sometimes she’s the first one at the door, but even if she smells rain that’s it, she aint going nowhere!

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