Helpful Bones

They say owning a puppy is a great responsibility, well I say being a puppy is a great responsibility. I have come to realise that I am part of the family and as such I should really be pulling my weight, and helping out wherever and whenever I can. This morning for instance. I was in my playpen in the hallway by the front door, or as dad calls it The Pig Pen (told you he wasn’t funny). The two collies, chubby Jess and skinny Alf were in the kitchen, with the back door open leading to the garden. Mom was out at work and dad was at the doctors having his blood tested for some reason, seems a bit strange to let other skins take blood off you and do experiments on it, but there you go – skins are strange.

Anyway I decided to be a great help by opening the post when it came through the letterbox and into my playpen. Deciding it was nothing important I shredded it so snoopers, going through the bin, couldn’t steal dad’s identity or something, like they warn about on tv. You would have thought I’d get praise for being such a helpful dog and protecting dad from identity theft, but you’d be wrong. Dad came in and immediately started moaning at me! Right, he can forget it next time.  There is just no pleasing some skins!

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