Backup from my crew

I’m not one to make a fuss when I get hurt, tough dogs don’t cry, but this morning I was in the kitchen hiding from dad behind the door, planning to jump out when he came in. Unfortunaely he came in quicker than I was expecting and I caught my paw under the door. It hurt like you wouldn’t believe and I let out a yelp, I didn’t mean to, it just came out. Dad bent over to pick me up and give me a scratch behind the ear…. no need dad I’m fine…. then there was a huge rumbling sound coming closer, it was like a cavalry charge as the door burst open and in rolled chubby Jess and Skinny Alf to see if I was ok: “short stuff what’s the matter?” It looked like they were ready to kill whoever was attacking me. I told them to chill, and they sloped off back into the living room chuntering as they went.
They’re such apair of idiots, but it’s nice to know they’ve got my back if I ever need it – bless them.

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