Grumpy dad

Dad’s in a bad mood, Alf says he’s like a bear with a sore head. Although I’ve never met a bear (lucky for the bears I reckon) I’m sure that even if one had a sore head, he wouldn’t be as grumpy as my dad.

Apparently his email account started sending out emails with links to strange websites to everyone on his contact list. He’s had to change his email account which seems to have annoyed him no end. He scanned his whatsit with an anti-something and he says its clean (???) but he’s still grumpy. Skins should really learn to chill out a bit, he gets fed and he’s got somewhere warm to sleep, he’s got me too – what more does he need?

I found out that last week I was 6 months old, I wondered there was no wild celebrations but Alf told me it don’t count until I get to 1 year old. What? That’s like half a lifetime away, I can’t wait that long. I celebrated this morning all by myself by charging around the living room at what must have been 100 or maybe 200 miles per hour with one of dad’s slippers in my mouth. I had to stop because he yelled “drop it or the other one’s gonna wrap round your arse!” I’m not sure what he meant by that but it didn’t sound good. Jess was grinning all over her silly face, “you’re in trouble now short stuff.” As it happened I wasn’t in trouble, he just picked his slipper up, scratched me behind my ear and told me I was a good boy before going back to shouting at his computer; Jess was fuming!



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