Trip to the vet and the floor gets wet

I don’t know what all the fuss is about, Alf hates going to the vet, mainly because he doesn’t like strange skins around him. I can’t understand his reasoning, more skins means more fuss. I went to the vet with mom today. I like going out in the car although it does make me feel a bit sick, which I did on the way home. The staff at the vets are so nice and make such a fuss of me that I want to go every day. Even though I did a huge widdle on the floor, I still got fuss off them, “oh what a lovely dog” they coo, they’re right of course, I am damned lovely and cute. I’m not being cocky or boastful, it’s the truth!

I widdled on the floor because mom wouldn’t let me take a pigs ear from a pile. I’ve never actually met a pig but I wish dad would get me one to play with because it sure beats chewing on a collie’s ears.

The vet, who usually sticks a needle in my ruff, sprayed something up my nose this time….hmm didn’t like that… but at least I got a biscuit out of it, and the good Lord knows I love a biccie.

When I got home the other dogs asked me what happened, when I told them they got all excited. “What’s up with you two big marys?” I asked. “You’ve had the spray for kennel cough, short stuff” I’m still none the wiser, “so?” The collies looked at each other and rolled their eyes, “So… it means we’re going to stay with Andrea!” They explained that they had to have jabs and sprays to stay at this place called Glebe Von Wood, with the nice lady owner called Andrea. Apparently she breeds German Shepherd Dogs and they play together and go out walking together. “Will mom and dad be there?” I asked, “No they’re going on holiday so we are too.” Off they danced around the garden like the idiots they are.

I’m a bit worried about this, it will be the first time I’ve ever been without dad since I came to live here, and I remember how much I missed mom when me and dad went away together. I don’t know when this is going to happen but I’m a little sad already.


4 responses to “Trip to the vet and the floor gets wet

  1. lol, I am indeed a widdler and intend to keep widdling wherever and whenever I can get away with it! There’s nothing funnier than the look on Skins’ faces when you cock your leg where you shouldn’t. But the best thing ever is seeing mom or dad squirm with embarrassment and say things like, Sorry….he’s not normally like this.” Hahaha, then I put on my cute, sorrowful face – I can’t help it, I’m just a puppy.

  2. You are just so cute bones!! and brave too if you are not afraid of the vet. Chaos is not only terrified of car rides, he is also mortified of the vet. So he not only “widdled” at the vet’s office, he also did number 2 out of fear, so imagine my embarrassment!

  3. Hahaha brilliant! Nice one Chaos.
    I’m not afraid of the vet, I’m happy to go anywhere if I’m going to get fuss and a biscuit. I only widdle to show how baaaad I am, like the song – bad to the bones….lol.
    You’re right though, I am cute!

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