I’m really upset, I mean really, really sad. I thought skins were a dog’s best friend but apparently I was wrong.

I was checking in on my friend in Karachi called Marshy, I hadn’t been to visit his mom’s blog for a while so I had a quick look this morning. The last post on there was from August 26th and I wanted to share it because it made me angry and upset; I wonder why this is allowed to continue. There is a video clip on it from Bulgaria where they are mistreating a dog by putting it in a twisted rope and making it spin. It’s horrible. I want to bite all of them.


I’m sorry this post isn’t my usual happy, bouncey stuff but this has put me in a bad mood.

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  1. hey bones.. sorry for putting your dad in a fowl mood. I was really put off by that myself. Plus the people standing there watching and taking pictures just made my blood boil!! 😦 I came back home to marshy and brought leena with me. So I hope my next post cheers you up! Hope things in London have improved and that all is well at your end. Marshy and Leena send you love.

  2. It’s just really sad that things like that go on. An animal would never do that to another animal, so where does that place those skins on the evolutionary ladder?
    So is everything ok with you? You’ve been away for a while, I was telling Alf that I was worried about Marshy.

    • Well Mashy isnt too well.. he has hip dysplasia now and arthritis. So he’s on medication for the pain.. and he’s generally lethargic.. but marsh was never one to complain or cry. he still does what he wants to… just slower now. I was homeless for a while.. but now I finally got my place back, so was settling in with the dogs. Dint get a chance to write anything. 🙂 Tell alf that you heard from him and he’s well. Grumpy now.. and set in his ways… but fine otherwise.

      The skins never evolved I think… retarded &#()$&#!^)(!#. Sigh. Poor dogs.

      • Sorry to hear you were homeless, where did you sleep? Alf says he’d budge up a bit on the sofa so you could sleep there, but honestly you wouldn’t want to – he smells…. hehehe.
        Marshy sounds like a very brave dog. My mom is a Reiki Master, have you ever heard of Reiki? Channeling healing energy or some wierd stuff like that, anyway it can work wonders with animals too. Jessis sometimes gets a stiff hip and mom works on her. If there is anyone around your way that practices Reiki then you should give it a try.

      • I have heard of Reiki yes, but we dont have many reiki masters in Pakistan. Those that have learnt it and practice are very expensive.. The skins who get that done are rich and I doubt they would work on dogs.. People dont value or love their dogs very much in Pak. Its really sad.. bec they keep them in any case. I will try to find someone and request them to help out with marshy.

        Thank alf for me would ya? Thats really nice of him!! I used to sleep at a relatives.. there was this legal battle going on.. and then a criminal case. But long story short we have our home back!! So yaaaay!

  3. I couldn’t watch to the end either, I think a fitting end would be for me and my dad to go down there and put them in that loop – preferably by the neck – and see how they like it!!!

  4. Hi, Bones. I love meeting new furiends and I can’t wait to follow YOUR adventures!! Mom said I was a bit C R A Z Y when I was your age, but now I’m a teenager…..

    Mom & I went to watch that video about spinning dogs and I freaked out. Totally. It’s like water-boarding for dogs. I wonder what those humans would do if they were treated like that?

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