Lazy dog sunday

After a hard morning’s fighting with the stinking hounds from hell known as Jessie and Alfie, plus two long and strenuous runs around the fields, there comes a time when a dog has to relax. Yesterday was a lazy sunday afternoon, dad was swearing at the football on tv, mom was upstairs keeping out of the way, she thinks football is rubbish but what do girls know?

Jess and Alf had finally given up and I was victorious again. I tried to keep awake and watch the footy with dad but it all got too much and in the end I drifted off. Dad took some photos of us on his phone which I’ll share with you:

You can only get a pic of Jess if she's asleep.

Come on Alf, one last scrap?

I'll just close my eyes for a minute...zzzzz

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