Back to where the legend began

I’m excited, dad has told me that in the next week or two he’s going to take me back to the place i was born, to visit my family; my other family…my canine family. I`ll get to see my real mommy and daddy and granny and great granny. Obviously i know my two brothers have gone to live in other places and i do still miss them, but seeing my parents again is just…just…WOW!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait. Dad said he promised the nice lady, who my family live with, that he’d take me to visit so she could see what a top dog I’ve become, she won’t be disappointed.
Its a shame that Jessie the elephant and Alfie the racing snake dont have a family to visit, but they`ve got me and each other and they’ve got mom and dad who love us all…oh and the cats, almost forgot about those two, cats are a complete waste of fur if you ask me.

6 responses to “Back to where the legend began

    • It’s ok, you’re one of the lucky ones that have got a new family to care for them, there are far too many of us that don’t get those kind of breaks. Later, when everyone is settled for the evening, just go over and give them an extra bit of fuss.

  1. Will do Bassa. Dad keeps forgetting to get a new USB cable for his camera, all the photos I’ve been posting have come from his phone; I’ll give him a nip on the butt to remind him.

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