Why can’t Bones drive?

I realise I’ve been quiet over the last few days and I apologise but there’s been things happening. Yesterday it was mom’s birthday, she was ** years old….can you imagine that? ** years old? That’s like almost ***! Dad took her out somewhere, grumbling to himself as usual I suppose, but he’s always grumbling about something. I think he was a bit disappointed that some stuff ordered as a present hadn’t turned up, so he went out and got her some flowers. Haha, he must have looked so silly walking along holding flowers like a big girl!

On saturday dad went out for the day with his friends, a group of ne’er-do-wells and hooligans the like of which even the devil wouldn’t cast his net for. From what I can gather, one day every year is “Karting Day”,  a day that dad gets so excited about he hardly sleeps the night before. Apparently these ruffians get together and drive go-karts like maniacs around a track just outside Tamworth, then it’s off to the pub for a few beers, then to another pub for food (that’s the main reason I want to join in), before away back to the first pub where they get drunk, argue about the result of the race and sing raucously and tunelessly along with the jukebox.

Dad no longer takes part in the race like he used to, but turns up to watch anyway – he says its almost as much fun watching the others. He also doesn’t drink as much as when he was younger so he tries to take it easy, but the other dogs told me he always ends up getting picked up by mom and coming home with a silly grin on his face. This time was no different, he came in looking like he’d been pulled through a hedge, grinning from ear-to-ear. He gave us dogs loads and loads of fuss, telling us we were the best dogs in the world and he’d never let anything happen to us and do we know how much he loves us? I’ve never seen him after he’s been drinking before because it’s only twice a year he does it – karting day and the xmas party – but it was hilarious.

I hope when I’m old enough dad will take me with him, I could take a bowl for the beer and sing along with the lads. Alf said dogs can’t drive but I think he’s wrong, and I’m going to prove it just as soon as my paws can reach the pedals.


10 responses to “Why can’t Bones drive?

  1. Aww Bones, I know you drive… Drive everyone crazy from your cuteness. Besides, it’s not that fun to drive. it’s still better to be the passenger (that’s what you call sour graping)

  2. I have been studying your web site when I obtain a opportunity…and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it! Thank you for your contributions to this subject matter!

  3. Hey up Bones, last year there was a 3rd day your Dad got drunk, I’ll tell you all about the England vs Germany sesh when you pop around!

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