Deodorant for dogs

Hiya folks, Bones here.

As you know, or may surmise, I’m a dedicated sniffer as most dogs are, but I’m confused about why skins spray stinky stuff called deodorant and perfume on themselves in an effort to cover their scent. Why would you want to mask your scent? It’s as interesting and as individual as ours.

Is it because you have a natural scent that is totally disgusting? It can’t be as bad as perfume and other fake scents you spray all over yourselves. It’s nasty, choking stuff.

Next question – why do the deodorants for men and women smell different? Male skins’ scents are nasty compared to that of the female, she has nice flowery smells. I think it’s because men are expected to smell bad. I can imagine the conversation in the deodorant factory lab, where they are trying to come up with new scents:

“What do you think of this one?”

“Phew, don’t smell like wild roses to me.”

“Ok, we’ll put ‘For Men’ on the label.”

“But it stinks bad!”

“Well, let’s market it as ‘Sport For Men’…..”

Why don’t they have deodorant for dogs? Well they do but it’s for deodorising a room rather than lifting our legs and spraying our pits. So basically, dogs have deodorant for where we’ve been while skins have it for where they’re going.

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