Return of the Bones

As the song goes: “Bones is back now there’s gonna be trouble, hey nah-ne-nah Bones is back…..”

Hi pup fans,

I’ve been away, that’s why I haven’t written anything for a while – have you missed me? I’ve been on my holidays with Chubby Jess and Skinny Alf. We went to a farm called Glebe Von Wood where they look after dogs while their moms and dads go on holiday too.

It was a bit strange and though I wasn’t scared (obviously!), I missed my mom and dad the first night. It was the first time I’d ever been away from dad since I went to live with them.

There were quite a few different dogs there and so I was picking up on a variety of smells, all the dogs seemed to be barking at the same time so I joined in and I reckon we had quite a choir going. As usual Alfie was the loudest, he’s got such a big gob for a skinny dog, it’s unbelievable!

The two daft collies went into a kennel together but I wasn’t allowed in there, I had private quarters because dad said that I would annoy the others while they were trying to sleep. More likely Jess would roll over and squash me while I was asleep!!!

The next day I was fed and taken out, there were strange dogs that I’d never met before but we went for a walk together and we got on really great. I can’t remeber their names but one was a spaniel like Ellie with big floppy ears so I was able to have a good pull at them; I felt better already. In the afternoon they had fuss sessions where the staff came round and gave all the dogs loads and loads of fuss, this was brilliant, just what I needed.

When it came time for afternoon walks I was paired up with another dog who was huge, he was a cross between a rottweiler and a german shepherd, I think, so you could imagine the bulk in front of me. I don’t fear anthing as you know so as he was stood there glaring at me, I trotted over, jumped up and licked his face. A big grin cracked open and he told me I was a good kid. Off we went for a walk. We walked together a few times during the week and we became friends, can’t think of his name though, just too many dogs to remember everyone’s name.

The wierdest thing of all, and you won’t believe this, I got on with the farm cat! I know, I know….I must be going soft! He was cool though, absolutely no fear of dogs.

All good things have to come to end and one morning the cage door opened and I was taken into the reception area, I smelt something familiar and sure enough, there was my dad! “Hey, lil man” he laughed as I jumped up at him. His huge hands closed around my head and I was went absolutely mental, I missed him so much! Then I realised mom was there too, I went charging over and got fuss off her too. Next thing there was a rumbling sound and Jess barged the door open with Alf just behind but hidden by her enormous shadow. They got their fair share of fuss and we were loaded into the car. On the way across the carpark I saw the cat who wanted to say goodbye, I licked his face and trotted off. Dad was so stunned I thought he’d faint. “What the hell…….?” He muttered and I laughed. Maybe they aren’t all bad, just the two fools who live in our house.

We got home and though I really really enjoyed my time at the kennels it was great to be back. When we got in we realised that the stinking cats had rolled all over our stuff. They don’t go away apparently, they’re more independent (arrogance I call it) and the neighbour, our lovely auntie Sue, comes in and takes care of their food and water and litter trays. If they are that independent let them catch their own food!

6 responses to “Return of the Bones

  1. Bones, it’s glad you’re back. I missed you. Your dog hotel sounds really cool, being on a farm and all. It sounds better than the one I go to. Maybe I could stay at yours the next time my people go away. -Bongo

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