Jessie’s troubles

Poor Jess, as some of you might know, Jessie is diabetic. She used to get spoiled rotten by her grandma, loads of treats while mom and dad were at work. Dad couldn’t work out why she used to put on so much weight. This led to her diabetes – a warning for all dog owners: it’s not good to keep giving us stuff that’s bad for us!

Jess has been having insulin and a special diet that has helped her shed all her excess weight and she looks fantastic, I still call her chubby though….hehe. She also developed cataracts due to the diabetes. Mom found a product called Re-vital eyeson the internet from a company called Lifelong Products, and it has worked a treat. Dad thought she would require surgery to have them removed because he didn’t want her to go blind, but these eyedrops are working like a miracle; she can see just as well as she ever could and the cataracts have almost entirely gone! Dad is a cynical old git and said they would never work, but he was prepared to give it a go, now he is a believer and said he would recommend it to anyone. Check out the website here:

Unfortunately Jess had a bit of a funny turn. Dad had stopped up to watch a late film and we were all sleeping. He heard Jess moving around in her indoor kennel so he let her out in the garden for a widdle. She was acting strange and wandering around like she was confused. Dad told her to come in and she struggled to get over the step before collapsing on the kitchen floor where she started having a seizure. Dad shouted up the stairs to mom to get up, Alf was getting upset in the living room because he knew Jess was in trouble. I was in my indoor kennel which was covered so I couldn’t see what was going on, but the noise was getting me worried.

Mom and dad rubbed glucose into her gums and she was back up on her feet in less than a minute. She had some food to eat and loads of fuss and settled down to go to sleep on the living room floor after a while. Mom slept downstairs so she could keep an eye on her, but she was fine after that.

Jess has been for a bloodtest and she’s ok, her diabetes is well controlled and she has been given a smaller dose of insulin. I know I make fun of Jess and Alf, I go out of way to annoy them, but I don’t know what I’d do if they weren’t around. I’ll keep a special eye on Jessie and make sure she’s alright from now on.

Mom wanted me to ask you all if there were any kennels that you know of that specialise in looking after dogs with special needs such as diabetes? Even though the kennels we use are very good, I think mom is worried about leaving her without 24 hour care next time they go on holiday. I think moms worry too much and dad agrees with me.

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