Not a bang but a whimper

I must admit that I am glad I started doing this blog, I love all the comments from my new friends all around the world. I also really enjoy reading other blogs, there is so much talent out there.

Although I have quite a few people following my blog, I would like to get more; could any of you more experienced bloggers offer a poor pup like me tips on expanding my readership? I would be most grateful for any help you can pass on. I imagined word of my talent would spread like nits in a classroom and tens of thousands of loyal Bones followers would be hanging on to my every bark. It hasn’t worked out like that yet, but I’ll keep tapping away.

6 responses to “Not a bang but a whimper

  1. Bones, let me first say that I love your blog and your style and the way you tell your stories. I always look forward to reading them. Now, regarding your question. My advice may not directly provide the answers you are looking for. It is more along the lines of ‘food for thought’.

    I suppose all bloggers would like to have more readers but there are so many blogs out there and not enough time in this busy connected world even to find and read all of the things that we would want to. I follow a number of blogs and it usually takes me between an hour and an hour and a half each day to read each of the posts and leave a comment. The more readers you have the more blogs you are likely to follow. Would you be happy if you were not able to read all of the blogs of all your readers and not have time to respond? Would your readers be happy if you didn’t have time to read their posts? So, the more readers you have the more you are likely to follow – do you have the time?

    Our type of blogs are not like news blogs or gossip or movie review blogs and are unlikely to ever have the thousands of readers that they do. There are also thousands and thousands of dog blogs – some are breed specific so if you are not the same breed your blog may not attract those readers.

    I started blogging in the middle of June this year and my stats say that there have been 13,500 views. I really have no idea if that is high or low for blogs like ours but are numbers of views that important? There is another statistic, which for me is much more important and that is the number of comments made on my posts because that shows me that people are reading and thinking and hopefully enjoying and engaging with the stories.

    So, my advice Bones is to carry on writing funny and interesting stories and see what happens!

  2. Bassa has such good advice, as usual. I try to find and comment on new (to me) blogs because that helps people find me as well. But it takes time to do that. I check my stats and click on links that I’m not already following, where someone has come to my blog. Yesterday I found that a person with a humorous political blog that I clicked on and read once has put a link to my blog on a page that shows blogs that he likes. Only a few readers leave comments – and I love it when you do – you’re my best blogging buddies – so it’s hard to know who’s reading – just how many are visiting. I don’t have nearly as many views as Bassa, but she has a head start on me.

    • I’ll keep commenting on other blogs but it’s a question of how long I get to spend on the computer. Dad is working on it most of the time and he guards it like a dragon with treasure. I have to be sneaky and log on when he’s eating or showering etc.

  3. I see Bassa has already given you some very good pointers. All we can add to it is the ‘tags’ you add to your posts help bring people to your blog. They may not always leave a comment or follow you but they will check out your blog.

    We love your blog and we are glad we found you. We always leave a comment when we visit blogs. So you will get comments from us. Hang in there and give it some time you will eventually probably have more followers than you can keep up with. Hugs and nose kisses

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