The balance of power

I have to hold my paws up and admit it, that hellcat Raffles is still the big noise upstairs. Emboldened by my coup the other day when I ate his food from his bowl right under his imperious nose, I decided to go upstairs as there were still rooms I had yet to investigate. As expected I reached the top without challenge and all was quiet on the landing, perhaps too quiet. I strolled into one of the bedrooms and had a sniff round, looking for mischief to get into. I wasn’t paying attention until I heard a frightening hiss behind me. I spun around and blocking my exit was His Evilness, ambush!!! It’s funny but he seemed alot bigger somehow. His green eyes were like slits as he regarded me like….well, like a huge cat would regard a small puppy who was about to get his eyes removed by said huge cat.
A low growl began emanating from the dark tunnel of a thoat I could imagine myself disappearing down and I started to wish I hadn’t eaten his dinner; I was on the alternative menu. I had to think and quickly: fight or flight? I looked around the room but he had me backed into a corner, there was no getting around him and to be honest the thought of running away was one that was alien to me, I’m a terrier for heaven’s sake! I will fight! The problem was, if I was to fight then I would need room to work with, I couldn’t go head on, he was too big and too strong and those claws would rip a hole in me. But there was no room, I was trapped and muscled into a corner by a bigger, heavier and stronger opponent who knew exactly how to beat me, what was I going to do? My mouth was that dry I couldn’t even shout for Alfie.
I could feel my tail slowly going down between my legs and an involuntary shudder wrack my body; Raffles saw it too and grinned. He had heard dad go out and knew there wouldn’t be a rescue from him. He finally decided the end had come for me and raised himself onto all four paws and arched his back, his masses of ginger fur stood on end which made him look even bigger. This was it. I stood as tall as I could and got ready, if I could just avoid the first strike of that gigantic paw and maybe clamp on somewhere, maybe…….but it was no good, whatever scenario I played out in my mind there was only one conclusion – I was finished. I wasn’t going to cry even though I admit I felt like it, I wasn’t going to give the ugly brute the satisfaction. I gathered myself and decided to charge – death or glory!
As the massive white paw raised above my head looked as though it was about to crash down and I tensed for my final suicidal rush a figure appeared in te doorway: an angel had appeared and would rescue me! Nearly, it was mom. “Ok you two, that’s enough. Come on Bones, back down stairs.” I have never seen a more disappointed expression on any face. Raffles was absolutely devastated, he had obviously worked out the perfect plan of ambush and thought nothing would stop him from having his revenge. I was growling and yelling at him, telling him it wasn’t over yet and I was going to get him and he didn’t know how lucky he was.
Mom took me downstairs and put me down in the kitchen, I went into the back garden and breathed deeply of the crisp october air. I smelled familiar neighbourhood smells and cocked my leg on my favourite rock. I have never felt more alive than in that moment.

8 responses to “The balance of power

  1. Phew, a claw biting story! That was a lucky escape Bones. Be careful but remember that cats are inherently afraid of dogs. I surprised two on my morning walk and they ran up a tree! Try taking a deep breath and barking as loud as you can! Good luck on your future upstairs missions šŸ™‚

  2. Wow! Bones you had us on the edge of our seats….that was a “wonder how this is gonna end” thing. We are sure happy your mom came to the rescue just in the nick of time. Next time don’t let yourself get backed into a corner we would be sad if you were scratched. Keep enjoying that crisp October air and forget about upstairs until you have a good plan. Hugs and nose kisses

    • I was wondering how it was going to end too Mumsy, I think I would have been a little more than scratched though, that big fool cat would have been wearing my hide as slippers if mom hadn’t turned up!

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