Bones ain’t no Shakespeare


I had a look back at my last post, that’s blog not bugle tune, and noticed a glaring error – I spelt dew as “due”. It can lead to confusion I know, but it depends on the rest of the sentence, e.g. “The early morning due”, “when’s the morning post dew?” I’ve gone back and edited it now.

I try my best to write coherently and watch my spelling, but occasionally you have to forgive the odd slip. I get excited when I write, (I get excited when I do everything – part of being a puppy I suppose) and sometimes these little mistakes happen, I apologise wholeheartedly and will strive to be better.

As the title says I ain’t no William Shakespeare but according to this film that’s come out, even Shakespeare wasn’t Shakespeare! The film is called Anonymous, see the trailer here:

So if this is correct, he never wrote any of the stuff accredited to him? These rumours have rumbled on for years apparently, different people having written Shakespeare’s works, you get a different culprit depending on who you ask – just don’t mention it to the good skins of Stratford upon Avon!

Perhaps, in years to come, folks will look back at my blogs and claim I didn’t write them myself, perhaps say my dad wrote them for me or something crazy like that……don’t bark rubbish!!!!!! This is Bones!

8 responses to “Bones ain’t no Shakespeare

  1. Sweet Bones, Mumsy reads blogs for us and she says you never have to worry about your spelling. She can read misspelled words really well because she types a lot of them and knows what they all mean. We love your blog and you do just fine…we like you as Bones so don’t be concerned about Shakespeare or any misspelled words. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. We’d never doubt you write your own material, Bones! 🙂 And we all make silly spelling mistakes, it’s no big deal.

    We have an English Literature major in the house, she’s graduated from college now but Shakespeare is still her favorite study. She takes the side of the good people of Stratford upon Avon and doesn’t like anyone disparaging the name of her favorite old-time author. We’re going to see “Anonymous” this weekend or next, but all the reviews are saying that it’s historically inaccurate, so we’re wondering if that’s a statement as to this Shakespeare theory being inaccurate too. I think it’s fascinating how so many people want to claim Shakespeare’s works, and some make semi-good cases for it too. Imagine how much history has been distorted in the name of literature. Poor Bill! LOL 😉

  3. Yes Bones, there is a conspiracy theory that dog blogs are written by people! Unbelievable! They will be saying that Shakespeare’s work was written by a dog next, though that is more believable! 🙂

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