Bones’ song beats birds’ song

This morning I was subject to a quite frightful racket. In a big tree in the next garden, there were hundreds of starlings all jabbering at the same time – it was awful. I’ve heard that skins seem to enjoy listening to birds singing in trees, but I don’t understand why, what a terrible racket.

You may have read about my virtuoso performance the other day which my cloth-eared dad didn’t seem to appreciate? Well, although as a very modest dog I don’t like to blow my own trumpet, it was up there with Caruso,Paverotti and Domingo. These winged vermin were just making noise. If I had an axe, that tree would come down and they could go and screech somewhere else.

Just as a footnote on my singing story, I had a suggestion put to me that dad should film me and put it on youtube. I overheard mom suggesting the same thing, but dad said he is not that heartless that he would subject anyone else to my foul yapping. The cheek of him! He’s a philistine, we mock what we don’t understand!

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