Bones’ first bonfire night

Remember, remember the fifth of November; gunpowder, treason and plot.

For some reason the skins in this country celebrate the execution of a skin called Guy Fawkes, who was discovered on 5th November 1605, under the houses of parliament getting ready to blow the place sky high with the king there and the lords and politicians. After all this time, shouldn’t skins let bygones be bygones? Read about the Gunpowder plot here. He was hanged, drawn and quartered which was a really nasty way to dispatch anyone. Skins are so cruel.

They celebrate by setting fire to a “Guy” and burning a big bonfire, letting off fireworks and generally standing around in the cold, getting sore necks from looking up at coloured lights. They make silly sounds that they wouldn’t usually make whenthey hear the bangs and see the colourful sparks: “wwwwhhhhhooooo!!!!!!” A noise you only usually hear when they are in the audience of a gameshow.

I don’t like bonfire night. The lights I see in the sky had me curious at first but then I was more concerned about Alfie, who hated the loud bangs. He ran in my indoor kennel to hide, I shouted “If you widdle in there I’ll kill you!” But I was worried about him. Jess used to get scared when she was younger, apparently she used to go barmy running around the house yelping, and sratching at my dad’s legs. Alf isn’t as bad as that but he’s my big brother, he’s a sort of hero to me so I don’t like to see him get scared.

Mom thinks they should just have organised displays and ban fireworks for sale to the public; she says that every year someone gets badly hurt. She also hates the effect it has on animals. Dad says the whole idea of blowing up paliament is appealing.


5 responses to “Bones’ first bonfire night

  1. Bones, I don’t think I’d like those fireworks either. I bet they’re kind of like thunder. My people have to go far away when they want to see fireworks here, so I’m lucky I don’t have to hear them. -Bongo

  2. I think your mom is right Bones. The tall person was looking at the BBC website and it said people had been injured by fireworks, just as they are every year. It is also incredibly scary for pets.

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