Smokin’ Joe RIP

Dad is a bit down at the moment, I’ve tried cheering him up by bringing him my toys, chewing his slipper, tugging his sleeve etc. It worked to an extent and I’m sure he appreciates my efforts but he still looks a bit glum. He’s sad because someone he never even met has died, I don’t understand that – I thought you just got sad when your famly or friends died, not someone who you didn’t know, and didn’t know you.
The skin in question was called Joe Frazier, or Smokin’ Joe as my dad refers to him. He was a boxer from Philedelphia who was once the World Heavyweight Champion, this was back when there was only one world title for each weight division, so being world champ meant you were the best in the world at that weight. A true achievement. He was the first one to beat someone called Muhammed Ali, aka The Greatest. Dad said they were warriors in the truest sense of the word,and they were his heroes when he was a pup. Dad says that a love of boxing was something he shared with his dad, someone else he misses. His dad used to fetch him out of bed when he was little, to watch the big fights that were sometimes on in the early hours of the morning, if they were shown live from America.
Dad says that inside the squared circle was where art and science met; I don’t really know what that means.

6 responses to “Smokin’ Joe RIP

  1. Just be there for him Bones. He will be okay in a while. It’s always a sad when someone we knew of for most of our lives is suddenly no longer there. Quite often these people are heroes from childhood so it feels like youthful memories are taken away. But they’re not.

  2. It sounds like your dad is being reminded of special memories with his dad. Even though it makes him miss his dad it is good to have special memories to hold on to. Maybe it would help if you kissed your dad Bones.

    • I’d rather kiss a frog to be honest! He’s ok, just a bit of an old softy sometimes. I’ve given him something else to think about this morning – I’ve eaten the mail again!!!!

  3. Being sad about losing someone is never easy. But it helps when you have others around you that can pull you out of your own head and get you to focus on something a little more present and pleasant. You keep working on getting his attention…all will be well. : )

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