Bones is the bearer of bad news

I’m going to apologise to all of you to begin with. I wrote about my dad being sad about Joe Frazier’s death; I had hoped to give you some happy news about something or other, just to lift the mood…..sorry, ain’t gonna happen today.

My very good friend Riya, who I absolutely adore, sadly lost her big sister Jaz. I knew something was wrong the other day because I heard Riya crying from her house across the street. Her mom, who we all call Aunty Sue, had gone somewhere ( I think it was to see the vet) but by then, well…

I never really knew Jaz because she has been ill and housebound for a long time, but I know she was a happy and content German Shepherd who never complained and I know Riya and Aunty Sue loved her very, very much. I am glad they have each other for comfort at this difficult time.

My mom was upset about it too because her and Aunty Sue have walked across the fields together for a few years now. I’ll be there for my mom and Aunty Sue as much as I can, and I’ll always stand by my friend Riya.


4 responses to “Bones is the bearer of bad news

  1. Oh, sweet Bones we are so sorry for all the sadness and losses right now. We will send up prayers for you all. Hugs and nose kisses

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