I don’t understand cruelty

I have been a busy pup today, this is my third post but I wouldn’t be bothering you unless I thought it important.

Dad says not to believe most of what you read in newspapers or online news, fair comment I suppose, such alot of rubbish pretending to be proper news. His dad told him not to believe anything he hears and only half what he sees, sound advice. Yet I wanted to draw your attention to something I stumbled upon and I pray it’s not true:


Pet owners killing or maiming their animals to get insurance money? Surely that wouldn’t happen….couldn’t happen? Why do some skins have to be cruel?



4 responses to “I don’t understand cruelty

  1. It is unbelievable and despicable Bones and reminds me of the practise in some countries of children being deliberately maimed to increase their begging potential on the streets. I am ouraged and very sad 😦

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