The great coat vote

Mom wants me to wear a coat this winter, she says I’m just a puppy and I should keep warm. She saw a Sherlock Holmes outfit which she seems to think is cute….yeuch! Dad says that I’m a tough dog and shouldn’t be pampered, he thinks dogs have survived for millenia without dressing up like an idiot, why should they start now just for the amusement of their owners? Personally I lean towards dad on this one but I’m going to leave it upΒ to my friends. If you vote ‘yes’ I’ll bite my tongue and put up with it, if you vote ‘no’ I’ll go without like a real dog. Either way, if its a Sherlock Holmes outfit – IT GETS RIPPED!!!!!

Should Bones wear a winter coat? You decide…..

4 responses to “The great coat vote

  1. Are you insane Bassa? I’ve spent time building up a reputation in my neighbourhood, a dog not to be taken lightly, I have the respect of my peers; I don’t wish all that to be destroyed in an instant by walking down the road wearing a pink coat! Pink is for girls.
    I think that wearing a coat is not giving out the right message anyway.

  2. bones, come on. Wear something warm. It doesnt get very cold here in Pakistan. The coldest it gets is.. what -1 but thats like the PEAK of winter and doesnt last more than a week. But the point is I used to keep my adult dog warm… otherwise he used to get sick. His stomach would her upset. You are a tough cookie honey, but its better to listen to wise mommy. Dad can toughen you up once you’re a little older. Stay warm. *hugs*

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