Nobody voting?

The thing about democracy is that it’s too often taken for granted. The skins have the right to vote and yet so many of them squander the chance to have their voice heard. I know some say there is no point when all parties have basically the same policies decided for them by lobbyists for the rich bankers, industrialists etc. But these rights were fought for and won by your forebears. Stand up and have your voice heard.

The same is true for my coat vote poll: I gave you all the chance to vote for my humiliation in having to wear a coat this winter; or a vote of confidence in me being able to tough it out; the third option is to let me decide for myself, something I would prefer to be honest – I’m only a puppy but already old enough to know my own mind, and stand up on my own four paws.

There were quite a few views of this post but only a small amount of votes (4 I think and one of those was me!). Clicking an option won’t cost you anything, you won’t be re-directed to another page and you won’t download any viruses. It’s just a poll, a bit of fun for you but important to me in that if it goes the way I want, I keep my dignity and mom keeps her stupid coat!


6 responses to “Nobody voting?

    • Thanks for voting Bassa, I am a great believer in democracy even though I’ve only just learned to spell it, I believe in letting everyone have their say – 1 dog, 1 vote. Mind you if I lose I might still rip the coat up.hehehe

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