All Bones wants for xmas

Skinny Alf and Chubby Jess have been telling me how excited they are about christmas celebrations which are approaching fast. They said that mom will be putting a tree in the house; I said there’s no dirt in the house to put it in, they’d be better off sticking it in the garden. They said it was a special kind of  tree, this one wasn’t real: “what? Like an illusion?” They rolled their eyes as if I was being thick, “Bones, don’t be silly it’s a tree but a fake one.” “Uh? What’s the point of a fake tree,” I wondered. “They can’t have a real one because the needles fall on the floor and you’d get them in your paws and up your nose and you’d eat them because that’s what you are like.” Jess told me haughtily. “Needles? Trees grow leaves not needles!” I yelped in horror, imagining a tree full of syringes like mom uses to give Jess her insulin. They looked at each other then back at me, Alf burst out laughing but Jess just groaned.

I worry about this needle tree, if I’m going to cock my leg up it then there is a strong possibility I could do myself some real damage!

From all the information I’ve been able to gather, it seems that christmas is a time for tearing brightly coloured paper and running around with bits of sticky tape on your fur. You get presents, I love presents. Mom and dad went out on sunday morning and came back with the bags they get from the pet superstore. They wouldn’t let us see what they had bought so I’m surmising that we’ve definately got presents coming. I saw a big thing that they carried in which I was excited about but its not for me, Alf told me it was for the cats to sharpen their claws on; I really don’t think that’s a good idea. If the evil Raffles sharpens his claws, guess whose hide they end up in?

11 responses to “All Bones wants for xmas

  1. That needle tree sounds like the yucca plants in my yard. They poke you.when you lift your leg up. We have a fake tree too and you don’t have to worry about the needles on those, but you still get presents under it. I’m with you on that claw sharpening thing. Scratchy’s claws certainly don’t need to be any sharper either.

  2. We had 2 trees since I came to my puzzle-home, and they were real trees, lovely scent, I tell you. But it is true, after some days, there will be some dry needles on the floor, the vaccuum cleaner ate them.
    I don’t know how long your tree will stay in the house, at our north german home it wasn’t more but a week, from Christmas Eve to January 1st, in Austria, it is common to have them until January, 6th. They arte all nice, but you have to take care with wagging your tail, for all those delicate Christmas bulbs won’t get wiped out of the tree.

  3. I’ve asked the other dogs about this and apparently it’s traditional to leave the decorations up until the 12th night. Don’t ask me why, something to do with christmas used to last 12 days, there’s a song about it.
    Also they told me that my stumpy little tail won’t reach the lower branches; sometimes they can be so cruel.

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  5. Ah, presents, sweet Bones we hope you get lots of presents when that tree is put up and the presents are placed beneath it. The cats around here got a couple of those claw sharpening things too so us woofies are gonna have to keep an eye out for them after present opening time. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. Wow Bones, I’m very curious what you are gonna get for your Christmas present!!! It must be a good one! In my country, most of the houses put fake trees for Christmas because our houses are small and it’s hard to get the real trees. The good thing of fake tree is you can use it next year, too!!! Woo woo! 🙂

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