Stupid christmas tree

I don’t like it, I’ve told the others I don’t like it and now I’m telling you: this tree is stupid. For one thing it’s too big, they’ve put it the other side of the coffee table – right in the middle of my racetrack. I go bombing around that table two or three times a day, out through the hall, into the kitchen, and into the garden, three laps of that then back into the house and around the coffee table a couple more times. Its my training course, now that stupid tree is there and my course is ruined.

They’ve not put lights on it because they think I’ll electrocute myself when I widdle up it. They’ve hung things like little wooden soldiers, fairies and a glass slipper but all out of my reach, there are fake pine cones that honestly taste disgusting and theyve put these glass balls on it of different sizes. One of the larger ones on the lowest branch contains a dog that wants to fight me but I can’t get to him because he’s inside this shiney gold ball. I think he’s a Border Terrier like me but his face looks funny, sort of warped. He looks like he’s barking at me when I bark at him but he doesn’t make any sound, I’ve tried biting his nose but this gold ball swings away and then comes back to hit me on mine. The dumb collies think it’s funny when I try and fight this other dog but I don’t care.

Stupid tree, stupid collies, stupid gold dog, STUPID CHRISTMAS!!!!! Bah humbug!

12 responses to “Stupid christmas tree

  1. You wouldn’t widdle on the Christmas tree would you? Surely not!

    We’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. You can read more about it on our latest post.

    H and Flo!

  2. Flo, I would widdle on a frog if I could stop it hopping! Widdling is one of my great pleasures in life, along with fighting, chewing and running in the fields.
    Thanks for the award Flo, I never really know what to do with them… I supposed to show it on my blog?

  3. Sweet Bones, just try to hang in there…Christmas will come and go soon and then maybe they will take that tree down that is in the middle of your race track…the nerve of them putting it there. Hugs and nose kisses

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