Their snow business

It finally happened, the snow came! Although there wasn’t alot of it, Alf told me it was much deeper last year, the world was white when we went for a walk yesterday morning. HURRAY

Mom drove down to the fields because she said the pave ment was a bit slippy and we’d pull her over in our excitement. And excited we were, we couldn’t wait to get out in it. When mom opened the car door we scrambled over each other to get out and make the first paw prints. I didn’t mind that it was a bit cold on my paws and that my nose was getting frozen as it ploughed a little furrow. I loved it, jumping in frozen puddles and hearing the ice crack, picking up chunks of ice and feeling the cold on my tongue; this was a winter wonderland.

We met some other dogs and went running with them, one of them was Theo, a black labrador who lives in our street but we didn’t know the others; don’t matter – new friends are as new friends do. (Does that even make sense?) One of the strangers was golden lab and the other was a beagle. We ran round and round the field together at top speed, all of us trying to keep up with Skinny Alf, even Chubby Jess was putting in a shift at the back with that manic grin on her face and her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth.

Things turned a bit sour when Alf and the beagle had a falling out over something and nothing, it ended up with Alf pinning the beagle to the ground with teeth bared and gums showing. I growled at the labrador to keep out of it, but it was quickly broken up by mom. I don’t know what this beagle had said to Alf to make him angry because Alf is normally quite placid. It was soon forgotten though and we carried on with our mad dash around the fields. All the joy of being alive warming our wet bellies.

As I write this, I can see out of the window from my position on dad’s desk, the snow is almost all gone already. Shame, it was great fun while it lasted, but Jess thinks there will be more snow on the way very soon.

6 responses to “Their snow business

  1. I don’t understand why skins moan about the snow so much, a few flakes and Britain comes to a standstill. They should just forget about travel disruption and go out to play in it.

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