Poor little Bones

I should have learnt from last time – but you know what it is like when you’re young….

Bones’ belly has been a bit upset for the last couple of days, I haven’t really felt like blogging, I haven’t eaten anything and I puked my guts up a few times. Sorry if that’s too graphic an image for you but it’s true. I have been a poorly little man. Remember a while ago when I ate something I shouldn’t and it made me sick? Well I think this time it was the rug in the living room that I’ve been nibbling away at; it could be the digusting tasting fake pine cone on the stupid xmas tree; it may have been something I chewed over the fields, but whatever did it to me I should have known better that to eat it. Mom and dad are constantly telling me off for eating bad things but I admit I am a bit headstrong.

After a couple of days of not being able to even look at my food and just eating chicken and rice that mom cooked for me along with the odd gravy bone, which I love, I couldn’t even eat them. My dad said he worries when I don’t take a gravy bone (and at least two of his fingers) when offered, so it was off down to the vet. I don’t mind going to the vets because they treat me really well and give me loads of fuss, plus it is at the back of the pets at home superstore so I know I’m getting a poorly present. The vet we saw was Maggie, a really nice skin who originally comes from a place called Poland but I don’t know where that is, it might be past the far side of the fields. Maybe I’ll go have a look for it one day if all the skins there are as nice to me as Maggie is.

I didn’t enjoy this visit to the vet though. She squeezed my stomach and stuck an univited finger where the sun don’t shine….OOOF. Then she scrunched up the scruff of my neck and stuck not one but two needles in me! ooowwwwww!!!! One of them really hurt me as it felt so cold it was almost like a burning sensation. Jessie has two injections per day and it doesn’t bother her, but my hide is alot tougher than the skin on a collie so I was surprised by the pain it gave me. I tried to be brave but it really hurt and when mom put me on the floor I went into the corner and curled up: I just wanted to be on my own for a while.

When we got home Skinny Alf and Chubby Jess came over to see if I was ok, they licked my face and told me they’d look after me. I told them I didn’t need looking after but I was glad they were there all the same.

It’s the next day now and I feel right as rain, I’ve eaten a bit of food and had a fight with Alf over a toy so things are back to normal. I even ate my nice chewy tripe stick that mom got me as a poorly present for when I felt better. Just glad I’m ok in time for my xmas dinner.

8 responses to “Poor little Bones

  1. Sorry you weren’t feeling well, but glad you’re better now. Just don’t overeat on Christmas. You don’t want to end up at the vet again – even if she is nice.

  2. Thanks Bongo, I’ll try not to be greedy but it’s not easy with so many nice things. I just think I should stop eating things I shouldn’t, e.g. I chewed a sock and some of this mornings post already.

  3. Bones, what an ordeal you went through! I am pleased that you are okay now. Remember, next time you want to eat something unusual think to yourself – would Bassa eat that? I usually wouldn’t!

  4. Anyone named Maggie HAS to be nice! But I know what you mean–I had to take one of those trips when I was about a year old too. It’s just good you are better in time for the big day! Have a wonderful Christmas. I hope you get lots of pressies!!

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