Dad’s xmas party

I told you all about Karting Day in a previous post, my dad and his hooligan friends drinking far too much and getting rowdy. That’s a tradition that has been going on for quite a few years as I understand it; the other annual tradition that this infamous group of rascals indulge in is the xmas party. It’s variously known as “The Big Boys Christmas Party” or “The 5 o’clock Club Christmas Party” among others but every year they get together on a day/night between boxing day and new years eve. Dad has only missed one when he had to attend a wedding in South Africa, but when he got back they had another xmas party in mid-january so he didn’t miss out. They start about 4 in the afternoon and then it seems it goes on until the last man is standing. This year, apparently it carried on until 1am before the bar staff had had enough and closed the pub.

My dad doesn’t drink as much as the others all year and only gets drunk on this night and of course Karting Day, so he was home by 10pm. Mom had to go and fetch the drunken fool, and in he came in a dishevelled state. His grinning face all pink and he was slurring his words as he told us what great dogs we were. Yeah thanks dad, just go to bed.

I heard a story about him and his mate when they went to Nepal a few years ago, they sat there in a place called The Last Resort and drank beer for 13 hours solid! The next morning, despite staggering around under the crushing weight of the worst hangover in history, they went white-water rafting!!!!!

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