Happy new year

I’ve been so lazy over the festive period that I have only posted a couple of times on Bonesdiary, sorry about that my friends. This morning mom has gone back to work, I bet when she left the house she wished she’d stayed in bed – it is hammering down with rain and the wind is blowing like it wants to move Britain that bit closer to the European mainland.

We didn’t get a walk this morning but I’m sure there will be one later; me and skinny Alf are up for it no mattrer what the weather but I doubt we’ll get her majesty chubby Jess out of the house, she’s not what you’d call an all-weather dog.

I didn’t enjoy new year’s eve, I was already tucked up in bed by midnight and only dad was still awake, it’s not a big celebration in our house. Dad had only drank a pint of shandy and mom had some fruit juice then went to bed about 10pm, she has to get up early to give Jess her insulin so she gets tired in the evening and never stops up late. Dad complains that people wish each other “Happy New Year” but don’t give a damn if the other person has a good year or not, he thinks people should be caring towards others all year round, not just pretend for 10 seconds or so on one night a year. Plus he can’t stand that song everyone sings – is it “old lads whine” or something like that? He doesn’t know what a lang is, or an ayne for that matter and he thinks Robert Burns should never have been published because nobody has a clue what he’s on about. Chill out dad!

Where was I? Oh yeah, so we’re all asleep at midnight and suddenly there’s the most almighty BANG!!!! Then another and another, it carried on and on like it was an artillery barrage, I thought it’ll be the infantry coming in next. Alf went and hunkered down behind dad’s chair and Jess got really terrified, like she used to when she was younger so I’m told. The noise didn’t bother me but I was worried about Jess, dad let me out of my cage and I  went running up to Jess and licked her face: “It’s ok Jessie, it’s just fireworks, it can’t hurt you.” Jess was wild-eyed and frantic,” I don’t like it – make it stop!” It was horrible to see her so scared like that. Eventually the noise faded but Jess was still upset, mom had come downstairs and Jess sat with her, panting and occasionally looking round the room fearfully like she was expecting more bangs at any minute.

Dad took Alfie outside for a widdle and I tagged along just to make sure he was ok. When we went into the garden we could hear alot of shouting from up the road, there was a fight going on. Some drunken bum was screaming about how he was going to knock some other drunken bum out, the other was screaming he was going to kill him, women were just screaming in general. Me and dad stood and listened for a while, then he looked down at me with a sad smile and said “Happy new year Bones” and went back in the house.

3 responses to “Happy new year

  1. i’m sure glad we don’t get those loud noises around here on New Years. Thunder is bad enough for me. I think I might to join in on that “old lads whine” song though.

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