Bones not mentioned?

Well, I must say I am disgusted! That Cesar Millan thinks he’s the bees knees or something. I was looking at his website just to see what loony ideas he has about training us, it makes me laugh when the “dog botherer” comes out with this rubbish, he doesn’t realise it is us training them to give us treats hehehehe. Anyway I was looking at cesar’s way and noticed the dog awards for 2011 – ah recognition I truly deserve – but when I clicked on it I found to my horror that I wasn’t even mentioned! I know that you’re all reeling from your screens in shock after reading that but I’m not making it up, check it out for yourselves here. I’ve never been this insulted since I found out the film “The Lovely Bones” wasn’t my short but amazing life story.

Where was Bassa, Bongo or BOngO, Sage, Chancy, Flo, Rumpy, Angel and Chaos or any of my other friends who ooze talent? (sorry if you didn’t get a mention but time is tight, I don’t want dad catching me on his computer). Now I can understand Chubby Jess and Skinny Alf not getting a mention as they are stupid and pointless but forgetting MY contribution to canine advancement is almost criminal. If Cesar Millan is such a big noise I challenge him to try and make me “sit” – I’d have his throat out! I’d make him cry on tv in front of both his viewers…. I’m not bitter but you’d better watch out Millan, your days are numbered!!!

14 responses to “Bones not mentioned?

  1. The nerve of Caesar not having you on that list sweet Bones you for sure should have been on the very top. It was nice of you to sneak us in on your list of “where was’s” before you had to hurry off your dad’s puter. We loves you and your blog and we are overjoyed to be your friend. Caesar better have you at the top of his next list! Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Bones, I can’t believe this Cesar guy. Who does he think he is anyway? I know why I’m not on his list – but you. You should be at the top. Thanks for mentioning me.

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