Lazy Bones not putting the effort in

My friends, I wish to offer a complete Bones Diary apology to you all. I haven’t written anything all week; ok I’ve been a little bit busy what with all the chewing, sniffing and fighting I have to get through each day, but there is no excuse for my recent laziness when it come s to writing Bones Diary.

That done with, lets think what’s been happening since my last post. Right, well, Alf had to go to the vet, he hurt his paw. He has a habit of running into the kitchen and jumping up onto Jessies cage. It’s not usually a problem because there is a cover on it, but this time the cover was drawn back slightly and his left front paw caught on the bars. He let out a yelp and jumped back down; I rushed into the kitchen to see what had happened and found him holding his paw up, it was bleeding a little but it was nothing major. I grabbed his collar and led him into the living room while dad came down from upstairs to see what had happened.

It was only a nick and stopped bleeding almost immediately, mom cleaned it for him and he sat there feeling sorry for himself licking at it. He felt even more sorry for himself when me and Chubby Jess went for a walk without him because mom didn’t want dirt getting in it. Hehehehe see ya Alfie boy!

The next day he was growling at us if we went too near him, Jess went for a sniff to see if he was ok and he snapped at her! You should have seen her face, it was a picture! Her gums were showing as she got angry at him. I yelled “Chill out Cujo” to him but he didn’t find it funny. Dad had a look at him and asked for his paw which Alfie offered, he won’t snap at dad but he has a go at us? Dad said it was a bit angry looking, red and a little swollen so mom took him to see the vet. He hates going to the vet and barked the place down; I don’t know why he doesn’t like it, all the vets that work there are really nice and give you loads of fuss, plus we get a treat as a poorly present. One of the vets, a nice Polish lady, called me “Poochie”, not something I was happy with, I toild her next time she’d lose a finger, but she’s so nice to me I forgive her.

Alf’s ok now but he’s still banned from going down the fields for a few days. He’s only allowed a short walk around the block so he’s a bit grumpy, now with Jess being an old grumpy drawers I’ve got two of them moaning. What’s a dog to do to get some peace?

10 responses to “Lazy Bones not putting the effort in

  1. We are sorry you have two grumpy drawers to put up with but we are happy that Alf is going to be okay. Hugs and nose kisses

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