Can I walk with Bones?

Alf is going stir crazy and it serves him right. You read previously on Bones Diary about Alf and his poorly paw? Well, the vet advised that he only have short walks around the block for a few days and not go to the fields, this is torture for Alf who loves running more than anything. He shouldn’t have hurt it in the first place, it’s his own silly fault. But he has to follow the vet’s orders or it won’t get better.

I love it though, as I leave with mom to go across the fields he is in the window watching us with a sad expression on his ugly mug, I strut jauntily with my tail wagging and a huge grin on my face; just as we walk out of the drive and into the street I can’t resist looking back at him, the more distraught he looks the more I laugh, then I put my nose in the air, flick my tail like the cat Milly does and off I trot. I know it’s cruel but he’d do it to me if the roles were reversed.

When we get back he sits there all moody as I tell him that I’ve been running with his girlfriend Ellie, even if we haven’t seen her I still tell him that we have and that she hasn’t even noticed he’s not there. The truth is, she always looks for him and gets sad that he hasn’t turned up for a walk.

His paw is looking alot better and he should be coming out with us in the next day or two so my cruel fun will be at an end; you might think that Bones was well out of order but it’s payback for all the jokes and pranks he plays on me, payback for all the times the collies have ganged up on me in fights, thinking they can bully the baby of the family, something they quite often regret when I take it up a gear and go feral on them. They say every dog has his day, well this dog has had quite a few and counting!


9 responses to “Can I walk with Bones?

  1. Hi Bones!
    LOL… yes you are having your day. 🙂 We laughed and laughed….. but the tables will be turned someday… hehehe By the way, we have never seen a ugly collie…. we would love to see more pictures. 🙂

    Lots of Collie Hugs!

    The collies and chuck 🙂

    • Glad you liked it guys. When I said ugly I certainly wasn’t barking about Rough Collies, or Border Collies for that matter – both of which are handsome breeds – I’m refering only to the collie Xs in this house.

  2. Oh, sweet Bones you better enjoy while you can. Sweet Alf may just be thinking up some pay-back for when he can go out and about again. You are so funny and we laughed reading this but we felt sorry for Alf too. We are glad he is getting better. Hugs and nose kisses

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