Bones’ apology and retraction

In the last blog on Bonesdiary you may have misread my words and thought that I described collies as ugly, this was something that was commented upon by my great friends the collies of the meadow. I would like to set the record straight if you don’t mind:

I don’t think collies are ugly, in fact I think they are a very beautiful breed, Lassie was a prime example. I have campaigned for the return to British television of the great show “One Man and his Dog” which is exclusively about border collies rounding up sheep; I only wish I was that talented. In fact you might remember, from an earlier post, that the first time I met a sheep I thought a cloud had grown legs!

I was referring to the ugly mugs on the less than purebred collie Xs that I live with. Chubby Jess being crossed with a blue whale and Skinny Alf being crossed with a racing snake. Neither of these morons could herd sheep: the poor sheep wouldn’t be able to keep up with Alf and Jess is so lazy she’d be better off herding tortoises.

See what I mean?
(I do love them both though, but don’t tell them eh? hehehehehehehe)

14 responses to “Bones’ apology and retraction

  1. Bones, you’d better be nice to Alf and Jess. They might steal your blog someday and say things about you. When I’m not looking Scratchy steals mine sometimes.

  2. Let them, I’ve nothing to hide…..I can’t think of anything anyway. Seriously though Bongo, you need to do something about that cat; you give a cat an inch it takes a foot, you give it a yard it takes a mile, you give it a rope it thinks it’s a cowboy….

  3. Hi Bones!
    Oh my… we were just funning with our comment….. LOL… we were hoping to see some ugly collies.. LOL… of course Ginger thinks everyone of our collies are ugly besides her. hehehee…. We think Alf and Jess are beautiful! Great post! 🙂

    Sorry if our comment caused any misunderstanding it was all meant in fun.. 🙂
    Your friends,
    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

    • No, stop now, adorable? Them? Don’t make me laugh! Seriously though, they’re great fun really and we get along fine. Sometimes they do try to pick on the little guy but they’re coming to realise that ain’t so easy with a border terrier.

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