More entries to the Dog Idol competition

My very, very good friend and brilliant artist Marina Kanavaki has obviously been going through the archives of Bones Diary because she has suggested some additions to my list of dog idols, you can view the original lists here:

Marina has commented: “My heroes too! Add: Snoopy [by Charles M. Schulz] and Disney’s Pluto, Goofy, Lady & the Tramp!!!”

Just for you then Marina here they are. Although I’m not big on Disney because of old Walt and his less than attractive views on race, I cannot argue with Snoopy – one of the coolest dogs on the planet (2nd only to me of course hehehehe). If anyone else has got any suggestions then please get in touch and share your views.

If you are reading this and you haven’t yet had chance to look at Marina’s amazing artwork then click here and check it out – I’m a huge fan!

4 responses to “More entries to the Dog Idol competition

  1. Wow, Bones! Thank you so much, I’m honored!!! You’re right about his views. I agree, but I can’t help feeling grateful for all those blissful moments in my childhood, watching Pluto’s adventures! Snoopy is by far the smartest / cutest dog, AFTER YOU that is! Again, THANK YOU, sweet Bones. I’m very very flattered!

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