Please read this as a follow-up to the reblog I did yesterday. It shows how there are always two sides to every story; the dog owner is obviously unfit to keep dogs.


I’m deviating slightly in the format of my follow-up Friday post.  Normally I start with earlier posts and work my way forward, today I am starting with yesterday’s post, “Has The World Gone Crazy?” 

First I have to apologize to you, I saw the article on facebook and read a blog, which got me fired up and I wrote my blog post.  What I didn’t do was my research.  I should have looked to see if there was more to the story and unfortunately there was. 

My dear friend at 2 Brown Dawgs who lives in Michigan and apparently not too far from Royal Oaks, found the following two articles.  Feel free to read them yourself and make your own conclusions. 

Banish, euthanize or what?

City of Royal Oak, The People vs Spalding

Here is a quick summary. 

Apparently there were two dogs being walked by the girlfriend of the…

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