A puppy no more

Yesterday was an amazing day for your little Bones. Mom was off work and she and dad were acting a little strange, nothing amazing about that – skins are strange. Anyway, I was minding my own business trying to decide what mischief to get into first when dad came in and put a lead on me. What’s he up to? I thought, its not walk time and he doesn’t usually take me anyway. I was taken outside and put in the car; ahh we must be going to the vets.

As it turned out it wasn’t the vets it was the pet supermarket, even better, I always get fuss and treats off the staff and nobody’s going to stick a needle in me – brilliant! We walked in and sure enough the man by the till started fussing me and scratching behind my ears; he asked my dad if it was ok to give me a treat, dad said “sure, just count your fingers afterwards.” Cheeky bugger! We strolled down the aisles, dad occasionally pulling me away from stuff I wanted to pull off the shelves, he called me a shoplifter – now I’m a pretty strong dog but I seriously doubt I could lift a shop! We got down to where the leads and collars are kept and he put a collar around my neck to try it for size. The one I had was ok, red leather with studs, but this one was something else: black leather with little silvery bones  on it and a silver bone pendant. It could have been made for me. “Can I have it dad, really?” Dad didn’t reply but carried on walking with it in his hand so that must be a yes. We stopped by the toys and dad looked down at me: “Which one do you like boy?” I was getting excited now and proved it by widdling up the stand which dad hissed at me for. Which toy? There were so many to choose from but I liked the look of a nylabone with bumps and ribbing that would be great to chew. I stopped by it and looked up:

– This one please dad.

– Which one Bones.

– This one, the nylabone.

– There’s plenty to choose from isn’t there lil’ man?

– There is indeed dad but I’ve chosen this one, please stop annoying me and take it down from there.

– Made your mind up?

– Are you taking the…

He reached out and took the nylabone that I was after, “how about this one?” Finally! We carried on and he got some other things which I was looking forward to getting hold of such as little marrowbone biscuits and some fantastic tripe sticks, then we went to pay.

After getting home he called the other dogs and mom into the kitchen, mom and dad were looking at me in a peculiar way, sort of grinning like professional fools. Soooo…..? Then all of a sudden they burst into a song, made me jump I can tell you. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BONESEYYYYYYY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUU.” It’s my birthday? I didn’t know that, apparently I’m one year old. I stood on my hind legs and received the copious amounts of fuss I believed I was entitled to. Mom put my new collar around my neck and I felt so proud of it I thought I’d burst. I couldn’t wait to get down the fields and show my friends. Dad handed me my new toy which I ran out of the room with to go and play but then remembered there were tripe sticks so I spun around and went back. Sure enough the tripe sticks were ready to be served, they stink to high heaven but they are so tasty. They’d even got me a birthday card with one corner chewed off and a little poem about a puppy inside which dad read out to me; “do you mind dad? I’m in the middle of a tripe stick, anymore gushy stuff and I might be sick!”

One year old, it seems like such a huge amount of time that I can’t even comprehend what it must be like to be as ancient as Jess. Does this mean I’m no londer a puppy? I should start being more responsible, better behaved, stop looking for fights, stop chewing furniture…..or maybe I’ll save all that for when I’m two. hehehehe


18 responses to “A puppy no more

  1. Happy birthday Bones, and don’t worry about the growing up thing… you don’t have to do that until you’re 2. At least. Probably more since you’re a boy dog. 🙂 We want to see your collar. Flo used to have a purple (faux) croc skin one with little silver bones on it too!

  2. I’ll wait to see if my dopey dad takes a photo of me in my new collar and if he does on put in on my blog so you can all see how utterly handsome I am. I bet Flo looked cute in her collar too.

  3. Oh, no! Sweet Bones we missed your Birthday we are so sorry.

    Happy Birthday!!! We see you had a very nice day and we are happy about that. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. 1… 2… 3…. The Collies sing.. “Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happeeeeeeeeeeeeee Biiiiiiiirthdaaaaaaaay tooooo yoooooooouuuu! Awooooooo!”

    Happy Birthday Bones!

    Your friends,

    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

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