Sneaky Bones

Bones’ Diary has been silent for a while and there is a very good reason for that , your favourite Border Badboy can’t get near the computer! Dad is hogging it all the time because he’s getting loads of work writing articles and press releases for the clients of Zero-One Design, a website design firm. So while he’s happily tapping away like a mad tapper I’m sitting here twiddling my toes. It’s not fair! As you know, he doesn’t realise that I sneakily use his computer when he’s not around; if he found out I reckon I might suffer the same fate as the Three Blind Mice, and trust me – I really don’t want to lose my tail…what would I wag?

If I could, I would get my own computer, but where do I get the cash? He won’t give me any because amazingly he thinks I’m just an ordinary mutt, he must be the only one I know that doesn’t realise I am a blogging dog. Even my mom knows by now she’s raising a pup prodigy. There is no such thing as an ordinary mutt, we’re all special, look at Bassa, Sage or Bongo or any of the other fantastic dog bloggers out there in the blogosphere (can’t mention them all, I can hear him moving around and he’ll be back tapping soon!). We demand respect and we won’t stop barking until we get it!

16 responses to “Sneaky Bones

  1. It’s a real dilemma Bones – do you keep quiet and continue to sneak computer time or do you do what I did and sat down with my tall person and explained that I needed a creative outlet and my own space on the world wide web. He understood completely and now we share his laptop. It’s a win-win situation. All you have to do is ask. I know you can do it Bones!

    • I’ve tried talking to him but he just doesn’t understand me, he thinks I’m just after a biscuit or something (obviously I accept) but he is really fussy about mom using his computer so what chance have I got? He actually bought one for her so she’d leave his alone.

  2. Bones we hope you get the time you need on the computer. We agree that you should bark for what you want. Let you’re human know that you have work to do. We hope see more blogs soon.
    Bella and DiDi

  3. darn it, dad! You should bark until he writes more! :p

    Yes, we would love to feature you. If you would email me at:

    with photos and description (bullet points, if you’d like) about Bones 🙂

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