Bones to infinity and beyond

Last night I strolled into the garden for my “last widdle of the day” ritual, as I do every night. I wandered over to my favourite rock and cocked my leg then watched as Jess and Alf did their business and headed inside. I like to be last in to make sure that my big sister and brother get in ok, and make sure the garden is secure.

Instead of going straight in though, I sat down and looked up. I could see stars twinkling down, winking at me and I felt at peace. Dad was tucking Jess in so I had a minute or so to myself, just to sit there and look at the stars. I remembered an old skin I heard about called Hermes or Herman or something who was from Egypt or Greece or somewhere that’s probably on the other side of the fields down the bottom of our road; he lived a long way away and a long time ago, he probably had a beard. He said something about “As is above, so is below,” I think that’s what he said. I’d never thought about it before, it’s just one of the crazy things skins come out with when they’re trying to pretend that they’re intelligent. Yet as all dogs know, skins couldn’t find their own butts with both hands without us to look after them.

Last night as I gazed up at the stars, it occurred to me that the bearded one was right; keep up with me now. If you look at the stars, each one of them is a sun like we’ve got, each with their own planets circling them. Now, think about the atoms that make up your bodies; each of them has a nucleus surrounded by orbiting electrons that looks like a micro solar system. I bet a penny to a pinch of pig poo that inside the nucleus there the whole thing is repeated but smaller. And the solar system is only one of billions that make up a galaxy, and the galaxy is only one of billions that make up the universe; I will go double or nothing on that penny to say that there are billions more universes!

So what does this mean? Well it means, as I look at it, we are all connected to and part of …..well, everything! Taking it further, something holds all this together, something is inbetween the solid matter, be it suns and planets or protons, neutrons and electrons. This is not a vacuum, it cannot be nothing because nothing by definition cannot exist. This dark matter, this vibration, this multi-universal consciousness binds everything. Some may refer to it as God, because God is everywhere. Doesn’t that lead to a logical conclusion that God is in all of us and we are all part of God? This is not about religion, this is physics.

“Y’ok boy?” I looked around and dad was stood in the doorway, the light from the kitchen forming a halo around his head as he smiled down at me. Maybe I was wrong after all.


22 responses to “Bones to infinity and beyond

  1. from “sweet Bones” you are rapidly transforming to “genius Bones”! And to continue your thoughts, that’s exactly why anything we do can affect someone or something in the other side of the world! I’ll change “genius” to “wise Bones”, I like it better!

  2. Bones it sounds like you had a moment of reflection as our humans would say. Does your dad still have a halo over his head today? We’d be curious to know. Good thoughts. We will be contemplating your questions all afternoon.
    Bella and DiDi

  3. dear Bones,

    i’d so much like to understand what you said. unfortunately, i’m only a dog and The Typist won’t take the time to explain these things to me because she’s too busy watching American Idol. is the halo man someone important then?

    have a good night, Georgia x

    • Lol, he likes to think he’s important…..nah it was just my dad. The point I was making is that God, if you believe in Him, is in all of us, then I saw my dad standing there and thought perhaps not all of us. hehehehe
      No such thing as “only a dog”, revel in how wonderful you are.

  4. Wow! That is pretty deep!!! Excellent thoughts… You are quite the philosopher Bones. Ginger says if we are all one how about you sharing some of your supper with her? hehehehe

    Dont worry Bones… Ginger always has a rotten answer for everything that is brilliant!

    Your friends,
    the collies, the evil Ginger and chuck 🙂

    • Hmmm…the old lump that we know as Jessie will tell Ginger what a bad idea it is to go near my bowl. I’ll share anything else but not my grub!
      Thanks for the compliment though.

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