Snappy Alf

I haven’t been posting lately and I must start by apologising for that. It has been a weird few days in the house and things have been a bit hectic, I haven’t even got around to answering your comments on my last post, let alone read any of yours. In a couple of days I’ll sit down and go through as many blogs as I can to catch up, just as soon as dad can be peeled away from his precious computer.
Alf has been acting strange and growling a Jess in the past few days, a couple of times he’s nipped her and she gets mad and tries to bite him back. I find it very distressing, I love fighting more than anything, even more than fuss but this is nasty stuff between my big sister and brother and I don’t like it at all. I’ve tried asking Alfie what it’s all about but he won’t talk about it. Dad gets mad at them and sends Alf out of the room, making him sit in the kitchen on his own. As Alf is the instigator I suppose he’s only got himself to blame.
Yesterday as we were walking across the fields for our morning workout, Jess began to get weird, like she was confused or something. She sat down and was looking around and then cocking her head as if she was listening to something. I listened too but I couldn’t hear anything. I trotted over to see if she was ok, “come on Jess, run with me?” Jess looked at me like she didn’t know me. She got up and carried on walking for a few yards then fell. Mom was rushing towards her calling out her name, I tried to get her to stand up, she struggled to her feet then fell again and started shaking like crazy, having a fit again. Luckily, since the last time it happened, 6 months ago, mom always carries a little tub of glucose which she quickly rubbed on Jessie’s gums, Jess bit her finger hard enough to make it bleed, but mom carried on. A minute or two later and Jess was back on her feet looking confused and a bit scared, it just shook her up (no pun intended). Alf was the one who was most shook up though, I mean I was worried but Alf was going crazy; running around her barking at the top of his voice, begging her to get back up. He might be acting a bit mean to her in the house lately but there’s no hiding the fact that he still loves her.

10 responses to “Snappy Alf

  1. I had wondered where you were Bones. I’m pleased you are back online and blogging again. Sorry to hear that Jess and Alf are behaving strangely – I hope they soon settle down.

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